Cinnamon French Toast with Cinnamon Dusted Fried Bananas

Cinnamon French Toast with Cinnamon Dusted Fried Bananas Recipe and Steps:


Cinn. French Toast

I love cinnamon french toast. This recipe is something I make often. The cinnamon is not only a great add for flavor, it helps regulate blood sugar. You know that feeling about two hours after you eat where the cravings start, you feel tired and even a little groggy? That’s low blood sugar. Cinnamon helps keep your blood sugar from dropping quickly so you can stay focused and free from sugar binges throughout the day.

Ingredients: (for me and my husband)

  • 3 whole large eggs
  • 5 slices of bread
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 or 1/2 of a banana
  • 1 Tbs of light syrup

I used white Italian bread. I normally would use whole wheat bread since it’s healthier, but I had this bread left over from dinner last night so I wanted to use it up. (pic below) You can use whatever bread you want, but if you are going for health-use 100% whole wheat. It’s usually lower calorie and high in fiber.

photo (1)

I used 3 whole eggs (I was cooking for my husband and me) to make 5 pieces. After whisking the eggs add the cinnamon to the egg mix. Add additional cinnamon for each new piece of bread to make sure it gets coated nicely. (pics below)

photo 2            photo (3)

Now its time to coat the bread. Just coat each side of bread, one piece at a time like any old french toast recipe. Then add it to a non stick skillet over medium heat. (pic below)

photo (4)

Flip as needed, make sure both sides get cooked. After the toast is cooked. Slice half (or whole if you really want a lot of banana) of a banana and put the pieces right onto the skillet. Sprinkle some cinnamon right on top of the banana slices. (pic below)

photo (5)

after about 45 seconds flip over


After another 30 seconds or so they are done! (So yummy)

Then you are ready to assemble on the plate, top with whatever you love and enjoy! I normally would add a little powdered sugar to top mine off, but since I used white bread I didn’t use the sugar. One or the other ya know? I did add a little (about 1 TBS) of light syrup.

Cinn. French Toast

I should have done the whole banana. It adds so much flavor to each bite!



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