Monday Necessesity-Skinny Vanilla Latte

I love coffee. I like it strong and with cream.

Yes, I budget for Starbucks every month. I am one of those.


My drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte.

I used to get a white mocha, until I realized it was around 360 calories for one drink!! I weaned myself off of it and started getting the vanilla latte. It’s way less calorie and still tastes similar. Then I decided to try the “skinny” version. It wasn’t bad, however the sugar free syrup is sweeter so I get one less pump then they use. It is now my go to drink.


A tall skinny vanilla latte is only 90 calories! A grande (my usual) is 120 calories. I can manage that!!

However, it’s Monday and I had earned a free drink; so I got a venti this morning! 🙂


They even spelled my name right! Two points for Starbucks.



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