First Things First.



If you don’t eat it you should. I used to get by with coffee and sugary cereal in the am. I also used to be overweight and unhealthy. I came to the realization of how important breakfast is. So, I started eating it; the healthy way.

It’s not lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch, though I still don’t mind a bowl here and there ;-), it’s important for me to eat a filling, balanced meal first thing in the morning. It keeps me full, satisfied and from downing a bag of peanut M&M’s at 11:00am.


Recently I had this delicious breakfast consisting of 4 egg whites, 1 slice of american cheese, 1 (100 calorie) flatbread and some red grapes.

Total Calories: 313

  • Sandwich: 213
  • Grapes: 75-100 (give or take)

Weight watchers points plus: 5

Breakfast. Eat it.



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