Summer love

Summer officially starts on 6/21. Although, here in Georgia, it’s been summer for weeks now. It’s hot, all  the time.

Even still, I love summer.

1. Flip flops, shorts and tank tops. There is nothing better than wearing my comfy favorite tank top with shorts and flip-flops.


2. Poolside and tan lines. Who doesn’t love laying by the pool with a good book? Or the beach for that matter.


3. Grilling out. Yup. It’s that time. Burgers, hot dogs and grilled veggies. Yum!


4. Running outdoors. Okay, I’m not talking about running at 2pm when it’s 89 degrees and 67% humidity. I’m talking about those early morning runs when the sun is coming up and the roads are empty. Perfection.


5. Longer days. Even though I like to go to bed early, (I’m a morning person rather than a night owl), I LOVE the fact the it is sill daylight at 830pm.


What do you love about summer?



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