Farmer’s Market

Alpharetta, Georgia Farmer’s Market; Saturdays 8 am-12:30 pm.

image (1)


Okay, the bread in the top right: yeah. Exactly. That’s not even a good picture. I’m talking some of the best looking stuff you can imagine. I haven’t brought myself to buy any yet, because knowing me (a carb lover) I would devour the entire thing before I even get home. Let’s just say, not the smartest idea for me. 😉

Here is what I got:



YUMM. Peaches, peppers (which were at least half the price they are in the store), blueberries, shortbread, onion and yes that’s beef jerky.

Side note: my husband and I ate the entire thing of shortbread right after I snapped the picture. It happens.

Other side note: the beef jerky was so good my husband you-tubed for the next hour on how to make our own. (Still in the works)

So proud of my local farmers and my city that supports them!


Eat fresh!



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