My Monday Favorites

1. Favorite bloom: Sunflower.


The Sunflower is my favorite for multiple reasons. To me it’s not just a flower, it represents so much more. When my husband proposed to me he decorated my apartment with 10 dozen sunflowers (knowing it is my favorite)!! It will always hold a special memory in my heart!


2. My Favorite past time: Candy Crush Saga.


Yes. Yes. I know. I’ve given in. Although I can’t get past that darn level 29.

3. My favorite ab ripper


I call it torture but I think the real name is knee to elbow spider man planks. Do 20 on each side. Exactly.

4. My favorite bite


Who doesn’t love a mix of chocolate, nuts and dried cranberries? Let me know when you find one.

5. My favorite fact

photo (2)

My wish: pizza and something sweet. πŸ™‚



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