My Monday Favorites

Happy Monday! I tell you what, this past weekend was the laziest and best weekend I have had in a while. First off, it rained all weekend so let me just be frank- I didn’t run. Not. even. once. #notmad. CJ was also off on Saturday so we had all weekend to spend some quality time together. And by quality time, I mean laying around. Hey, let’s be honest though, sometimes you just need 48 hours of nothingness….right?

Here are some of my favorite things lately.

1. This lovely rustic mirror from Anthropologie

Favorite wall decor

2. Favorite table topper

Marble Coasters

3. Favorite Healthy addition: The Chia Seed. I am going to do a full post on these soon. They are no joke a “superfood”. I have been putting them in my protein shakes, my oatmeal and sprinkled on my toast.

photo 1 photo 2

4. My favorite amazon purchase: all my Bare Fruit. 100% organic…nothing added! LOVE these treats. I was so excited to get these in the mail on Saturday.

photo 3

5. My favorite DIY re purposing craft: cut out cereal boxes, covered with pretty paper and used as a drawer organizer. I have three uses for this that I can think of currently; A: our “junk” drawer in the kitchen, B: my makeup C: my jewelry. Can’t wait to do this as a project as soon as I have enough box bottoms.


6. My favorite look. Mostly because this reminds me that fall is just around the corner!!


7.  Favorite printable: Pantry Labels. Okay so even though I basically know what is what in my pantry, how cute are these!!? Yup, another project soon!


Anything new and favorite in your world lately?


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