My Monday Favorites

Happy Labor Day ‘Merica

For those of you not living in America here is what Labor day is in a few bullet points:

  1. A lovely Monday off from work
  2. An excuse to grill and eat all of your favorite dishes (calories don’t  do count)
  3. A reason to lay by the pool
  4. Time to catch up on your most recent reading conquest
  5. A celebration for all the hard work you put in at your job by shopping every, single, outrageous sale.

Anyway, happy labor day! Now to my favorite things lately.

1. Favorite bedroom decor…ever. I would die for this exact room. I love the dark accent wall, the bed, the bench, the shelf in the corner. I could go on.  (via pinterest of course)


2. My favorite pastime. There was a day about a week ago that was a sweet taste of fall. No joke, it was my idea of the perfect weather. I think it was like 73, not humid, sunny with a slight breeze. It was one of those days that I found myself saying, “God? seriously I would never have a bad day again if the weather was like this forever” Sadly, it didn’t last but a day or two. But something to look forward to for fall!! Any who, this is what I did on that lovely, perfect day.

photo 1

3. My favorite bake: I made homemade bread. It was delicious. And yes, I will share the recipe soon. 🙂 Becoming a housewife one step at a time. (Yes, I want to be a housewife. Maybe I should have been born in 1950?… )

photo 3

4. My favorite look: um how cute is this outfit. Uhhhh I cannot wait for fall. It IS the best time of year, even if it’s just for the outfits. Boots, jackets, scarves Oh my (via pinterest of course)


5. Favorite Bite: zucchini baked bites. I will have to make these soon. Oh so crunchy and yummy (via pinterest of course)

zuchini bites

6. Favorite find: Okay let me just be frank. I was not having the best day this past week. I went to home goods, for some window shopping (ehem, I do this often) but I saw this pillow and could help but obey. Let’s just say, the day turned out just peachy  fine.

photo 2

7. Favorite pop: LOVE this grey with pops of yellow. Need I say more?


8. Favorite easy dish: chicken alfredo casserole? Shut. the. front. door.

chicken alfredo caserol

Enjoy your labor day!


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