My Monday Favorites

OH happy Monday. This past weekend was fabulous. The weather was perfection and I was able to stay home this weekend and relax. I did a quick 3 mile run on Saturday and took and entire Sunday off from working out. I think I laid in bed for 3 hours Sunday afternoon-with all the windows open. #perfection

Anyway, here are somethings I’m loving lately.

Favorite Map ^: I love to travel and I love anything that is map related. I love this rustic look. (via pinterest)


Favorite Healthy sip ^ : The good ole’ green juice. I recently saw a documentary on juicing and now I’m set on incorporating juicing into my diet. Haven’t quite got there yet- but I will soon enough!

photo 4

photo 3

Favorite Target Finds ^ : How adorable are these two colorful tables?? I just love them. Found at yours truly: Target

photo 5

Favorite new decor ^ : this is my desk at work. I had to do something to make it more homey so I added this cute lamp among some other things. I LOVE it.

photo 1

Favorite tool ^ : my new grapefruit spoons. Have you ever tried eating grapefruit without one of these? Well I have. It’s more work than it is worth it. So you could say I was beyond happy to get these.

photo 2

Favorite read ^ : Psalm 62:1 “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him” This verse really spoke to me the past week. I really have been needing to be reminded to rest in God and give him control! This was exactly what I needed.


Favorite activity ^ : CJ and my hike recently. You can read about it here. It really was a great hike and a wonderful weekend for us to spend away together.

Favorite fashion ^ : (via conversation pieces) Fall is officially 1 week away. Seriously, I can’t even take it. SOOO ready. Love this scarf!! (Not sure why it’s blurry)

Favorite DIY ^ : I have been saving my boxes for some diy projects. This is on the list for sure- they just are taking up precious drawer space right now.


Favorite Quote ^ : wait? Have I already mentioned how much I love fall? 😉


Favorite Funny ^ : Well this just says it all.


Favorite Hang ^ : LOVE this idea. Via pinterest of course.

Favorite DIY 2 ^ : yes, here is another one I want to do. Love the black painted wine bottles!

Favorite no-bake ^ : Let’s not get carried away, I had to have something sweet on here. No bake cookies. Yes please.

Okay okay, I had a very active week on pinterest and window shopping.

Have a happy Monday and don’t forget, 9/22 autumn officially begins! 🙂


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