My Monday Favorites – Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! So fall officially started yesterday and boy am I thrilled. Fall is definitely my favorite season. This past weekend was good, it just went by so darn quick. (don’t the all)

Friday was a beautiful afternoon so I squeezed in a quick run after work and then ran a few errands. (Yes, I’m that person)

photo (1)

I had this orange, actually it was a tangelo, left over from lunch so I scarfed that down. I was surprised how different it actually tasted from an orange. Still yummy though.

Saturday it was rainy, pretty much a downpour all day so I decided I would finally put my empty wine bottles to use. (Though he never complained-I’m pretty sure CJ was ready for me to stop hoarding them and make them useful hehe)

Craft day = trip to Hobby Lobby.

photo (2)

You know that time that you went to Hobby Lobby and looked around so long you almost forgot what you were there for in the first place? I do. That was me on Saturday. I’m pretty sure I spent 2 hours there.

Top left square: again, SO excited for fall. Also, I adore Sunflowers so this aisle just made me happy.

Top right square: Just loved this

Bottom two: This was the “pinterest” corner. These shelves were full of “already-made” pinterest crafts. Hey, do what ya gotta do.

Anyway, I finally got what I needed and headed home for my project.


I am very pleased. I am not 100% sure where we are going to put these yet, but I will find a place. I also have one more to do at some point.

Other highlights from my weekend:

photo 2 (1)

CJ got me some purtty flowers! 🙂 Always makes my day.

photo 3 (3)

The fridge is stocked with veggies and fruit  apples. (I am doing a juice challenge this week. I’ll post about it later)

CJ and I ran 8 miles Sunday am. We got up around 5 and did the 8 in 1:25. It was a great run and felt really easy. Probably because it was 60 deg outside.

photo 5 (2)

And now it’s back to the grind. Another Monday, another list of things to do.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend?


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