Monday Favorites


Happy Monday. I feel like I was just writing my last Monday Fav post. Goodness how the weeks fly by. Tomorrow is October 1st. My favorite month in the year for a lot of reasons (mine and CJ’s birthdays are in October, our wedding anniversary is in October, the leaves start changing in October and I can start wearing boots again)

Quick weekend recap: CJ had Saturday off so we spent most of the day Saturday being lazy with all the windows open. It was so beautiful this weekend. We did our 9 mile run and then watched the Georgia game.

On Sunday after church we came home. I took a quick nap (I nap any chance I get) and then we played disc golf on Sunday afternoon.

photo (2)

Okay on to my favorites this week:

1. Favorite brownie: Red Velvet Brownie with White Chocolate icing and chips? I’ll take two please.

2. Favorite breakfast twist: Peach and Pecan french toast. Holy, moly.

3. Favorite game-day serve: football stadium platter. This is so stinking clever and includes all of the goodies

4. Favorite toner: push up on the bosu. These are killer

5. Favorite statement: This is so true. I’ll be ready to run an 8 miler at noon while I’m working and then by the time 4pm rolls around all I want to do is lay on the couch.

6. Favorite pot bake: Chicken Alfredo pot pie. Also notice the little chicken on the pie!

7. Favorite treat this week: I refilled our candy jar. Yes, we have a candy jar. #noregrets


8. Favorite motivation: it’s pretty simple. Just do it.

What did you do this weekend?

Any running?

Happy Monday. Enjoy the last day of September!


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