Runner’s Rambles and What frustrates me.

Happy Friday! Do you ever feel like you live for the weekend? I have felt like that for the past 4 weeks. I love the weekends!

I am taking a recovery week this week so my running and cross training has been slack and unexpectedly tough.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles. I had planned to run 4-5, but my body wouldn’t do any more than 3.

photo (1)

Bare with me while I vent about my run on Tuesday for a minute more…

I had the WORST side stitches. From mile 0.75, they would not go away. It’s all I could focus on. I tried everything and even walked for a minute. But nope, still there. I thought to myself “didn’t I just run 9 miles on Saturday? What’s the problem!!?”

You know what is frustrating? When my head is in it- and my body fights. It’s like my body won’t get on board sometimes. Usually after the first mile I’m fine and everything is in sync; Tuesday was just a different story.

Staying positive though I didn’t let it get me down, I still ran 3 miles. I was just irritated at my body.

< sigh >

Okay okay. If I’m honest, I know what the problem was. In short, I didn’t eat enough. I didn’t have any fruit to eat like usual at 3pm. (I always run after work around 4). I think I had only had about 700 calories up to that point. I was admittedly hungry. I don’t normally like letting my body get to that point: where all you can think about is when you eat next because you’re so hungry. But I just didn’t have anything with me to eat.

So that brings me to this:

photo 2 (2)

My husband and the guys he works with watched the Pirates baseball game Tuesday night and I made some finger foods for them so I had to go to the store. While there I decided I needed to fuel my body so I picked up these new Bear Naked granola packs.


Let’s be real: they had me at “eat & run”

*moral of the story: make sure I fuel my body.


1. How were your runs/workouts this week?

2. How do YOU normally fuel for your workouts?

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2 responses to “Runner’s Rambles and What frustrates me.

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  2. Side stickers and my runs have a long, unhealthy relationship! They never go away when I tell them to, show up uninvited, and suck the energy and fun out of a run…..feel your pain! 🙂

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