My Monday Favorites and Weekend Recap

Wait, it’s already the 2nd week of October?! :-0

If I’m honest all I have in my mind is getting to October 19th. CJ and I are going to Jamaica to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! – Wait, it’s almost already been a year since we said “I do?” Holy moly.

Just a quick picture from our wedding- Just because! 🙂


Weekend Recap:

EhHemm.. Um I did no running this weekend. In fact, I didn’t work out at all. (Unless you call walking up a killer hill a few times). Actually, I did about as opposite as possible. I ate terrible all weekend and I pretty much was fueled on coffee and candy for 48 hours. No lie.

Here’s why: CJ and I work with the middles schoolers at our church and this past weekend was our fall camp called Frequency. We took 800 7th and 8th graders to a FFA camp in Covington GA. It truly was a blast and such a meaningful weekend. I feel blessed to be able to walk along side these middle schoolers in their life journey. I’m sure you can imagine what a sugar and adrenaline filled weekend with 8th grade girls was like and why coffee and candy was a must.

A few shots from the weekend


Top left: My co-leader and I being photo-bombed by one of our girls.

Top and bottom right: My 8th grade girls

Bottom Left: I had to include this. It’s CJ in the dunking booth. Classic.

Below: These are shirts we made for the girls!! Turned out great!

photo (1)

On to my favorite thing recently

1. Favorite heels: adorable, not that I wear heels much but these are super cute. I like that the heel is not too high.

2. CJ’s birthday week: I made him Chicken Parmesan for dinner along with banana pudding and then we headed over to his dads for cake and ice cream.

photo (2)

3. Love these pretty calendars!

4. Coconut Chia Seed Pudding! Sounds amazing!

5. Pumpkin Granola (No picture yet) I am going to make this today. I was inspired by this recipe

6. Favorite running mantra recently: I have used this one a lot the past few weeks. A few of my runs the past two weeks have been really hard and painful. So this has really helped me finish.

7. Favorite outfit: I wish I had the energy to put cute outfits like this together! I really do love skinny jeans + heels.

8. Favorite words: Such a great reminder!

My plan this week- get back into the grove and get my 21 miles in! 🙂

1. Did you run any races this weekend?

2. What’s your best PR to date?

3. How do you celebrate your birthday?


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