Ohhh greek yogurt. You’re getting into everything and I don’t even mind.

If you read my post about my running frustrations last week, I am happy to share this week has been drastically different.

My mileage goal this week is 21. I’m getting there (wherever “there” is).

I have done 14 as of this morning (Friday) and will finish my miles by Sunday.

photo 5I almost talked myself out of running yesterday. But it was just too fabulous outside, I was not going to let myself get away with not taking advantage of the weather.  The above picture is from my run on Thursday. The bottom right is the greenway, probably my favorite thing about living in Atl. I LOVE the greenway! I committed to only doing 4 but once I got going I felt great so decided to run 6; turned out to be one of my faster runs.

Side note: It’s fun to look back to when I was doing 7-10 miles per week. I love progress!

I will say, around mile 3 I really really wanted some skittles. ? Who knows.

In other news one of my best friends from college, Karmen, is visiting this weekend from Charleston. I could not be more excited!

photo (1)

Me and Karmen ^^

We have a fun, girly weekend ahead! Including but not limited to: walks on the greenway, chatting over a glass of wine, shopping, running a 5K and watching girly movies. Yeah, I’m counting down for her to get here! 🙂

Side NOTE: Let me tell you something about Karmen. This girl is a baller. She has worked her tail off and has lost 75 pounds on weight watchers! What a champ! (You go girl)

Who likes bagels?

Cream cheese anyone?

My incredible find this week:

photo 3No joke this stuff tastes amazing! Ohhhh greek yogurt. You’re getting into everything and I don’t even mind. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend.


1. Any other greenway runners out there?

2. What’s your favorite spot to run?

3. Anyone have any races coming up?


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