Frozen Yogurt, 5K and things I’m loving

Remember how I told you my friend Karmen was coming from Charleston to visit this past weekend? Well, we had a blast! Here is a quick recap of our weekend:

photo 2

Dinner at Cans (my favorite Mexican restaurant) on Friday night. Saturday we did some shopping and of course snuck in some frozen yogurt! Don’t judge me by my toppings. There is some fruit in there somewhere, but hey- you gotta live a little.

photo 1

Saturday night we ran the hoppiest5K. This was Karmen’s first 5K and she killed it. Ran the whole thing without stopping. I was so proud of her. We had a blast. It was me and Karmen, CJ and his dad.

This week is prep for our trip to Jamaica. I am doing some clean eating this week so I prepared some meals last night. (One was turkey chili for lunches this week- SO good!). I’ll post the recipe soon.

Things I’m loving:

1. Favorite Vacay: Jamaica I’m just getting geared up to get there!! I am counting down!


2. Favorite blogger: I love all the blogs I follow, but right now, I am loving Skinny Chick Blog. Could be her love for coffee, her dog or running. I just wanted to have a blogger highlight this week! Thanks Jacqueline for keeping things fresh!

3. Favorite sticky goodness: Mini Pumpkin Sticky Buns from Iowa Girl Eats!  Could go for one, or three, of these right now.

4. Favorite cake: Cranberry Christmas Cake

5. Favorite motivation: It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy! Love it!

6. Favorite warm dish: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili- just in time for cooler weather!

7. Favorite decor: Love the circle mirror above the mantel!

8. Favorite Halloween decor: This is so cute and classy! I’m not a big fan of over the top Halloween stuff but this, I like!

9. Favorite DIO (do it over)- this just looks SO Much better! Maybe one day I will be this handy,

10. Favorite fall look (especially the jacket): from H&M. Anyone else love wearing a jacket with every outfit in the fall? Or is it just me?

11. Favorite face: This just makes me smile! How cute!

This week I have 5 days to get in 23 miles. I’m going to do it!!


1. Did you run a race this weekend?

2. Did you try a new recipe?

3. How many miles are you running this week?


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