Speedwork, Yurbuds and It’s Cold

Do you ever have the temptation to sing “Friday” by Rebecca Black on Fridays? I do don’t.


I actually sing a line or two every time I say to myself… “it’s Friday!”

Oh wait- you don’t know what song I’m talking about? Well here you go:

Well now that that song is stuck in your head… happy Friday! 🙂

It was 38 deg this morning. Coldest one yet. I guess it is November. I welcome colder weather.

CJ and I built a fire last night

IMG_20131107_201924Look at that thing go. (Side note- we were watching The Office)

Yesterday’s lunch break:


What you can’t tell in this picture is how much colder it was than I thought it would be. I was bundled up and had my scarf wrapped around my head. It was pretty windy and those gusts were cold…. Also- that’s a chai tea latte. YUM

Moving on to running:

I have started incorporating actual training runs (tempo runs and speed work). I did my first ever tempo run last week, you can read more about it here. Yesterday I did my first speedwork run.

16 miles total. My heart rate got up there. It was a really good run though. I felt great the whole time and was very tired after. Which means I did it right- depleted all those glycogen stores. Don’t worry I replenished with chocolate milk as soon as I got home. (Bottom left is me heading out after work. Yeah..I carry my life with me pretty much. )

Also I keep meaning to do a quick review on a purchase of mine recently:

3Yurbuds. I love them. I am the girl that doesn’t run with music because I get so sweaty my earbuds fall out. Well, not any more. These are awesome. They are really comfortable and the don’t fall out. They aren’t too loud either, I can still hear cars and outside noise (which is important when running outdoors). I really would recommend these (don’t worry- I don’t get paid to say that haha)

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!



1. Any weekend runs planned?

2. What type of headphones do you use?

3. Do you like chai tea lattes?


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