Meet Jerry

Happy Monday…

I’ll be honest- not thrilled about it being Monday. I have these days every now and then.

On another note-

Meet Jerry.

IMG_20131108_161536Jerry is the 3rd floor cat. Okay he (maybe a she, but I like calling him Jerry) showed up like 2 weeks ago and has not gone away. Probably because our neighbors feed him and have put a bed in the breezway for him. Yup, he’s not leaving now. I’m not a big cat person. I prefer dogs. But I guess Jerry is kind of growing on us. He is cute, and kind of pitiful. I came home the other day and he was laying on our door mat.

Quick weekend recap:

I literally did nothing on Saturday and I’m not even ashamed. I had the fire going and I read and relaxed. CJ and I did go downtown Alpharetta for the local singer/songwriter music festival:

IMG_20131109_191313We had a great time!

Sunday we planned to run 11 miles. I didn’t make it that far:

IMG_20131110_153939Ya know, sometimes your body is just not on board. Oh well, I’ll do 11 this coming weekend. It happens to the best of us.

I made this fabulous skinny pumpkin banana bread Sunday: Recipe to come! It is SO good!

Picture1Some other things I’m loving:

Favorite crafty idea:

Favorite Mexi-dish: Chubby Chicken and Cream Cheese Taquitos

Favorite holiday-food decor: Strawberry tree


Favorite spot: Coffee Bar. Love this!

Enjoy your Monday!



1. Ever crapped out on a long run?

2. Do you like pumpkin flavored stuff?


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