Let’s get real and vulnerable. +winter gear I <3

Let’s be honest with each other for a minute.

Ever struggle with being motivated?

Me too.

I seriously have not been motivated to run this week. I went out to lunch yesterday at Mellow Mushroom, so delicious, but I ate way too much. Then I tried to run 2 hours later. I almost didn’t run, but since it’s been 2 days I knew I had no choice.

Not a positive experience. I thought that surely my food would have digested by then.


My run went like this: heavy legs during the first .5 mile, side cramp at .75, stomach cramp at 1 mile, walking at 1.5 mile, almost threw up 1.75 mile, walked, ran the last .5 to equal 3 miles.

Seriously? No joke. It was the worst I’ve felt while running. Ever.

Now that I have started off with a positive story…Happy Friday right? haha

On another note I really like this glute strengthener routine I came across on Runner’s World

It’s important to make sure your glutes and hips are strong. Otherwise you will most likely at some point get injured.

Now that it’s getting colder I realized I need to get some proper running clothes for the colder weather. Here are some that I currently love and want.

1. Runday Crop by Lululemon


2. Fluff Off Ear-warmer by Lululemon


3. Love this Swift Hooded Midlayer by Salomon 


4. Also love this Momentum Headband by Salomon (it has a slot for your sunglasses: so cool, I have to wear sunglasses when I run)


5. Okay I already own these- but they rock! XT Wings Glove by Salomon  (the fingertip cover can tuck away if you don’t need full coverage)


6. Brooks LSD Lite Vest


Ever notice how expensive good running gear is? Goodness. Oh well, it’s worth it. And if I’m honest I’m probably looking for most of this (or similar) at TJ Maxx.

Also- I’m not a Salomon rep: I just really like their gear.

Have a great Friday!



1. What is your favorite brand for workout gear?

Me- Salomon and Brooks

2. Do you run inside or outside in the winter?

Me- Outside, always outside. No treadmill for this girl. 

3. What keeps you motivated to be fit?

Me- my goals and this blog! 🙂


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