Monday, lundi, akhlah, lunes

Monday. AKA

Lundi to  French

Akhlah to Hebrew

Lunes to Spanish

Who knew? Not me.

This week I…

IMG_20131113_164002Enjoyed a pumpkin chai latte and a massive fire on Thursday after work. It was incredible.

IMG_20131116_131409I also did it. I finally ran my 11 miler on Saturday. It was actually a really good run. Much better than last week.

Countdown- 11 days until my half.

My favorite things right now:

1. Favorite Built In: In the kitchen, so smart. I mean, we need a spot for cookbooks. Mine are currently jammed in the top part of one of my cabinets. I tend to forget they are even there.

2. Favorite Grill: Portobello Wrap. Need I say more?

3. Favorite tradition: Gingerbread houses! I grew up making these every year. It’s just a fun tradition.

4. Favorite Crumble: Vegan Apple Cranberry Crisp. YUMMMY

5. Favorite Laugh: haha this is just classic. And I totally felt this way before my 11 mile run on Saturday.




1. Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

2. What are you favorite holiday traditions?

Me: ginger bread houses! 

3. Real wood fire vs Gas fire?

Me: Wood fire. Always.


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