6 days…

6 days.

6 days and I will be running my first 1/2 marathon. Finally.

Okay so confession. I’m not running a race that I paid for, or signed up for. Nor will I be traveling downtown ATL to run with thousands of people on Thanksgiving morning. Nope.

I am lame like that I guess. I didn’t want to pay to run and it’s a hassle to go downtown Atlanta. However, my husband, me and a friend he works with are planning our own half on Thanksgiving morning.

I’m still calling it a turkey trot.

In preparing for this I did some reading and found some good points so I thought I would share how I am preparing over the next 6 days.

1. Follow the training plan– this may be obvious but it all starts with a good training plan.

2. Respect the taper– “taper?” what’s that?. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually know what it was either. Its the term for when you decrease your weekly mileage 10-14 days before your race to rest your legs and make sure you are ready for a good race. I didn’t know there was an actual term for this, but there we have it: tapering.

3. Sleep – This isn’t a hard one for me. I love to sleep. I would lay in bed all day if possible. Make sure you are resting enough leading up to the race.

4. Nutrition“You are what you eat” and you notice it most when you run. I know that when I eat bad and then try to run I feel groggy, tired and my legs feel so heavy. My goal is to focus on my diet over the next 6 days. To limit alcohol and fatty foods. I am increasing my carb intake to 70% of my total calories per day for the two days prior to the run.

5. Hydrate – with water folks.


6. Pre Run Fuel: Eat my normal pre-run fuel 1 hour before I start. For me this is a whole banana with a spoonful of peanut butter and a cup of coffee.


7. Stretch, sync my ipod and get my fuel together. I use my belt and fill it with Honey Stinger chews. I love these things. I usually listen to podcasts while I run, and then switch to some music towards the end.

8. Get out on the road! 

I’m excited to run this. My longest run up until now has been 11 miles so I’m a bit nervous but I know I can do it.



1. Whats your longest run?

Me: 11 miles

2. What is your #1 rule to follow when prepping for a race? 

Me: hydrate hydrate hydrate

3. Are you running a Turkey Trot? Which one?



4 responses to “6 days…

  1. I love the “with water folks” comment. So many people act like staying hydrated is so complicated. Water people, water.

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