It’s been raining nonstop

Seriously though, it’s been raining for like 3 days straight. Ew. I don’t like rain. I know a lot of people are getting hit with snow and ice, but here in Georgia- it’s just rain. It’s always just rain. 😦

On another note I ran 8 miles on Saturday (the .7 is my warm up and cool down walking included)

IMG_20131207_144405I love my cold weather running pants

IMG_20131207_144217They are my jam. Thank you Salomon.

I also put up the tree at work. (It’s my designated job every year.)

IMG_20131203_135627I love Christmas decor. It just makes me smile. And I need to smile, especially at work!

Other things I enjoyed this week: Evolution brand granola bar. This was so yummy. They sell this brand at Starbucks so I’ve been trying them out as  I get my latte each most mornings.


IMG_20131203_145446Freezing spinach cubes to throw into a shake. Love this idea. It’s a great post. Now I just need an ice tray.

Well that’s it for this Monday. Sorry for the short post. Honestly, I don’t have much fun happening at the moment and my week was pretty busy so I forgot to take pictures. No pictures. No content. Right? (Really though, I was talking with my friend Tara yesterday and telling her that my pictures truly are the base of my blogging content.)



1. Do you make protein shakes? Ever put frozen spinach in them?

me: Yes and not yet

2. Are you getting rain or snow this week?

me: rain. just stinkin’ rain.


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