If it’s not going to snow…then I’ll take 63 degrees

Happy Friday! Work is slowing down a bit which has been a nice break. Also, it’s been like 63 degrees here.

I figured if it’s not going to snow here in Georgia, which I guess it never really does, then I’ll take the 63 degree weather. Thanks. (granted…rain is not welcome) wow…not to be a grouch or anything. 😉


Because cold weather is only fun if there is snow. Just sayin.

Also, apologies for my blogging, or lack there of the past few weeks. I have been pretty slack.

Normally Friday’s are filled with my workout routines and healthy things from my week, but I forgot to take pictures pretty much all week. Here are some that I captured. Just a camera roll for you this Friday.

IMG_20131212_165206From my run on Monday? Tuesday? I honestly can’t remember haha, but it was chilly. I actually enjoyed this run though with the sun going down like this. It was rather peaceful.

IMG_20131212_165543Ps: LOVE my yurbuds headphones.

IMG_20131212_165248Time for new shoes. Hmm..I think I may go back to Brooks. But honestly these Saucony’s have served me well.

IMG_20131215_144605Sunday did not include a long run for me this past week. However it did include a nice cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows of course.

Breakfast Thursday: Kashi fruit filled bites. I love Frosted Mini Wheats but I am trying to buy less sugary stuff and more organic. (Pretend I didn’t just show you my hot chocolate okay? It may seem contradictory haha!) Anyways, theses are super yummy!

IMG_20131219_083422Lunch Thursday: Starbucks basil, tomato mozz panini. SO SO good. I really enjoyed every bite here.


Well that’s pretty much it this week. I have been working out though- I did total conditioning at the gym Monday…couldn’t walk for like 48 hours because I was so sore (in a good way) and I’ve ran a few times this week and have done more weight training. It’s been a good week. I’m planning a good 6-8 miler for a long run this weekend. Hopefully it won’t get rained out.



1. Marshmallows or no in your hot chocolate?

Me: the more the better

2. Traveling for Christmas?

Me: going to see my family in NC on 12/28. Can’t WAIT!


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