Juice Detox

Holidays. They did me in this year. I’m talking, banana bread, cranberry bread, candy, shrimp dip, cake, cookies, wine…you name it. I probably ate it.

Hey, you gotta live a little right?

Anyhow, I lived and then decided I needed to detox. So this is what I did. A juice detox. It’s supposed to be a 3-day detox but honestly, I only did one day. CJ did it with me too which made it easier to stick to.

Off to the store we went.

IMG_20131231_164315We did the first day of the Dr. Oz and Joe Cross’s 3 day juice detox.

Juice 1: Had it around 9 am when I woke up New Years Day. My favorite by far. Sweet and refreshing.

IMG_20140101_085831Juice 2: The ever faithful Green Machine. I had this one around 11 am. Not bad.

IMG_20140101_110134Juice 3: Lunch around 1 15 pm. Well this is what went into it. We actually heated it up and ate it as a soup. It was okay.

IMG_20140101_133601Juice 4: 3 45 pm this one was pretty good. It tasted very similar to the Green Machine.

IMG_20140101_161413Juice 5: Okay, I bailed on this one. I wasn’t really hungry at this point in the day. I just went ahead and ate the dinner that you are supposed to eat. (1 meal of fruits and veggies). I just had some broccoli and a sweet potato.

Overall, it was very refreshing. It refocused my mind and body to get back on the healthy eating plan. This is what I wanted most. To refocus. I lost 2 lbs (mostly of water) and felt completely refreshed. I actually didn’t feel tired or irritable. I was only actually hungry once (between the 1st and 2nd juice).

IMG_20140101_182358I also felt pretty good about myself for eating this many fruits and veggies in one day.

If you do all three days…you are superman/woman. Seriously. I don’t know if I could do all three days. Haha I love to eat WAY too much.



1. Ever juiced?

Me: yes

2. How do you detox?


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