3000 pieces? WHAT

January 6th. What is with the snow slamming the north and forgetting about us sad southerners who want a snow day??

Accuweather teases me. They say we are going get snow, but it never actually happens. Oh Georgia.

So while I was MIA during Christmas here are some things that made me smile.

IMG_20131228_180019Let’s start with my niece. She painted this for me and CJ for Christmas. What a doll! I seriously can’t get enough

Then my brother pulled this out. A puzzle chair that he made for her. She’s the luckiest 3 year old ever.

IMG_20131228_185946CJ bought me some fabulous Christmas gifts (I am only sharing a couple)

IMG_20131225_091444Because one day I plan to run a marathon. Maybe 2015?

IMG_20131225_091516I also love puzzles. But holy moly…3000 pieces? Yikes. Oh except for the fact that I have like 1/4 of it done already. Don’t hate. We are going to frame the puzzle and hang it when its done.

My Mom and Dad got us a NINJA- THANKS again…this thing is baller! I can’t wait for warmer weather to make yummy smoothies with this every day.

IMG_20131230_151651 (1)The new Competitor Magazine hit the spot last night. My training starts today for my next half so this was perfect motivation to get it back in gear. (Don’t look now but you can see my work on the puzzle in the background ;-))


IMG_20140105_193659I made this pizza last night- bbq fiesta pizza with whole wheat crust. I’ll post the recipe Wednesday and who inspired it! But it was a total win.

Well that’s mostly it. I just had to share some pictures with you.



1. Do you like puzzles? Whats the biggest one you’ve completed?

Me: this will the be biggest

2. Any first time marathon running advice?


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