I’m late

Sorry…I’m so completely late in posting this today. Honestly, where did my Monday go!? Yikes.

Well first off…my car, flow, a 1998 Honda Civic with a proud 203,000 miles on it is running it’s last leg. During my oil change today they told me that the check engine light, that’s been on for 2 months now, is telling me my transmission is about to go. Yay! I already replaced this once like 6 years ago. Not. Replacing. It. Again. Well as this is bitter sweet, Flow has seen it all, I get a new car. Perhaps more on that later.

Monday Favs

A little motivation for you. Well, for me really. But I’ll share. 🙂


Love this. Train. ^

runThis is the truest and most honest statement. Sometimes, during a hard run I truly think I’m going to die. ^

Anyone? ^

1. Favorite Decorative Idea: “home” Love the big letters!

2. Favorite double dipper: Warm Spinach Artichoke dip. I seriously cannot get enough

3. Favorite Storage: I never know what to do with extra potatoes and onions

4. Favorite Be Mine: Granted I’d fill like 6 of these with the best valentines candy.

5. Favorite Use of the Bosu: Super hard “core” (get it? haha)

6. Favorite Treat: Heart Shaped Cherry Pies

7. Favorite color scheme

Happy Monday!



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