No Socks..No problem

Here’s hows things went down.

Thanksgiving day: ran a half marathon

Day after Thanksgiving-Christmas: forgot how to run. (not literally, I just rarely did it)

Jan 6th: started my new training for my next half.

So I have been back in the grind for 2 weeks now and it’s been good. I will say it’s nice to have shorter least for right now but I am anxious in a good way to get my mileage back up.

Yesterday I went out for my 3 miler, was siked and ready to kick it, when I realized I forgot my socks………. brilliant.

I stood for  a moment and contemplated, “do I go home after work to get socks? Knowing once I’m home I’ll be tempted to stay put” or “or am I hard core enough to just run without socks?”

I ran. Without socks. Thankfully it was only an easy 3 miler so I figured the blisters will stay away. And thankfully I was right. The run was great. It was actually the fastest I’ve ran 3 miles in a long time. No socks. No problem.

Moldiv_1389968717786After my run I went to the grocery store to get some ingredients for dinner. Went home and started cooking. We had this yummy enchilada bake again. SO Good

IMG_20140116_195325Today I’m doing some weight training during lunch and speed-work after work. If only I could get up at 5am and workout. I seriously just can’t make myself get out of the warm bed that early.

I got my headband/earwarmer in the mail this past week. I cannot wait to use this thing! I love Salomon.

IMG_20140111_094807I also am in love with these

IMG_20140114_143106I don’t know exactly why these oranges are so delicious, but holy moly they are like candy in a peel.

Short post for you today! Work has been so hectic this week I haven’t had much time for other things outside of work but running and sleeping. Happy Friday!



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