Cabin Weekend Recap

There is a winter watch in effect for Georgia. Weird.

Let’s see what actually happens.

This past weekend CJ and I took our quarterly getaway to the cabin in the North GA Mtns. Usually we go hiking and spend a lot of time outdoors but in all seriousness, it was cold. Bitter cold. So instead, we stayed inside, ate a lot and hung out. Good times. We did go fishing and did a five mile trail run.

The trail run kicked my butt. It was really hilly and I was really dehydrated.

Don’t run dehydrated.

I continue to try to run well when I eat bad. I don’t know why I haven’t learned my lesson yet. You are what you eat. And your run reminds you if you don’t eat well.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Also- we went into every antique shop we saw. I really want these.


My mom had the entire set of the Nancy Drew books when we were kids. Then one day, she donated them to the local library. She has regretted that decision ever since, probably because we don’t let her live it down. We are talking about 60+ books here. Anyway, I have been tempted to buy them ever since. Fill a void maybe.

Have a great Monday!



1. Are you sick of the snow? Or wish you were getting some?

Me: wish we were getting some


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