Did you hear what happened in Atlanta?

Remember when I poked sarcasm at the fact that they were calling for snow in Georgia?

I take it back.

I’m sure you heard, or saw, or sadly experienced what went down. Gridlock. It was seriously awful. I had co-workers who never made it home and either spent the night in their car or at the mall.


It did snow though which was pretty; snow covered ground is always refreshing.

Moldiv_1390946724412Anyway I will not rant about it.

Recap of my life this past weekend: Saturday- worked out like a boss in the am (4 miles and total lower body weights) and then I ran errands the rest of the day. Even though after my workout I had and apple and a protein bar my stomach was growling within an hour and a half so I downed the old faithful: Bolthouse green smoothie. I love these! (Okay- I totally wanted Chick Fil A…but sometimes you gotta put it out of your mind)

IMG_20140201_145723Saturday night I made bbq chicken, sweet potato fries and sauteed veggies. Such a great finish to my healthy day.

IMG_20140201_193407Superbowl: I don’t follow football, but I love cooking and I love eating. So superbowl parties are the best. CJ and I enjoyed great food and fellowship with our small group from church.


IMG_20140202_183543Don’t worry, we didn’t run out of food.

Good thing I ran Sunday afternoon…


Moldiv_1391377725727Things are now back to normal. And the weather has been heavenly here. I don’t know when early spring decided to start, but I am not mad about it.


Talk to me:

1. Do you get a lot of snow where you live?

Me: Nope

2. Were you pulling for Seattle or Denver?

Me: Denver 


2 responses to “Did you hear what happened in Atlanta?

  1. Nope, not much snow, but enough to enjoy a day off and enjoy NC’s annual day of snow.
    Denver. It was a long game. ::sigh::

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