Sitting is the new smoking…

I didn’t take too many pictures of my workouts this week. However I need to address something.

“Sitting is the new smoking”

I have a desk job. I’m going on year 3 at a desk job. I always knew sitting 8+ hours a day is bad for you but I recently read a few articles that women who sit 11 hours a day (work+home) are 12% more likely to die prematurely. And get this… no matter how active they are or how much they work out doesn’t change it. Even 60 mins of exercise a day doesn’t counter the negative effects of sitting. (read here and here for more on this)

I had to do something about this. I talked with my supervisor and have put in a request for a stand up desk, but in the meantime I had to take matters into my own hands.


IMG_20140207_074907My very own, hand made stand up desk. 🙂 I am determined to stand at least 3 hours out of my work day.

Side note: I’m much more energized and productive on the days I stand.

Okay moving on.

Lunch pretty much every day this week: PB and Banana.


I love peanut butter. Anyone else with me? I saw this on Hungry Runner Girl’s page.

Totally with ya Janae!

I also felt that it was time to bust these puppies out and fill my candy jar at work.

IMG_20140204_151725BTW I should probably not buy the normal size popcorn bags anymore. I tell myself that I’ll probably just eat part of it… 15 min later I’ve downed the whole bag. This was from last night. After dinner.

IMG_20140206_195703It was so good. Kettle corn is the way to go. I was SO hungry after doing speedwork yesterday.

IMG_20140206_17212150 mins of intervals max speed 8.0- I felt like I was going to fly right off the back of that treadmill. But it was much needed speed-work. I have felt like I have been lagging and so slow during my runs the past two weeks.

Happy Friday!



1. Do you sit all day at work?

2. Kettle corn or regular popcorn for you? Or even plain air popped?

3. What’s one of your favorite blogs you follow? (I’m always browsing for new bloggers to read!)


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