Chinese Checkers

Georgia is under another winter weather advisory. Um…global warming? Oh wait…

I had a great weekend, although it sure did fly by.

Don’t they always.

Friday night was a blast. My friend Tara’s birthday is next week so us girls had a night out with our significant others at our favorite Mexican spot. I love nights out with friends.


And don’t mind if I do. They have s’mores as an option for dessert on the menu.


Saturday morning CJ and I went to this adorable new coffee shop in downtown Alpharetta (right where we live). We had a coffee date and did our bible studies for the day before he headed off to work.

IMG_20140208_094346I went and had a great 2 hour workout after. I did lower body weights and ran a 2 mile recovery run.

I love recovery runs. They remind me how much I enjoy running. Slow and steady…

This has been our go to the past two weeks for dinner. BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries. You guys, I can’t even explain how much I am addicted to this right now.


Yes…we leave Chinese Checkers on our coffee table ready at all times. You never know when the urge is going to hit.

I ran 6 on Sunday. It was perfect weather. 55 deg and sunny.

Well this was more of a weekend wrap up that my Monday favorites.



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