I feel 12 and windows down..

Snow last week. 70 degree weather this week. No complaints here.

I can’t wait for grill out season, baseball games and afternoon thunderstorms. 

Not much of an introduction today. Just some pictures and things that I like!


Made this incredible guac the other night! SO good. I meant to post the recipe Wednesday. I will do it next week.

Note to self: guac is NO good the next day. Must finish all of it in one sitting. I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

IMG_20140217_125120My husband loves me. Got these at work for Valentines! So pretty. It’s nice to have some living greenery in my cube!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just LOVE this outfit. There was a day one time…long ago….that I actually dressed in more than business casual or workout clothes. I love black jeans.

IMG_20140215_161045Cj and I needed some new sheets. So…I headed to Big Lots. These had me at “maximum sleep”. Considering I need at least 8 hours a night to function I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have some performance sheets? Who knows if it really affects anything….they feel incredible!!

corn dog pops

Raise your hand if you like corn dogs? Raise it again if they make you feel 12? Well these Corn Dog Pops will be made at some point soon. I really love corn dogs and what a fun name for these. They bring me right back to 7th grade.

IMG_20140220_160151_1I had my windows down yesterday. Not cracked…down, all the way. It was 72 degrees yesterday which meant I did my 4 mile run and then drove around with the music loud and windows down. It was perfect.

Happy Friday!



1. Really- do corn dogs make you feel 12?


7 responses to “I feel 12 and windows down..

  1. Beautiful tulips, yummy guac, and yes, i still order corndogs at cookout when the opportunity presents itself! Nice pic! If i rode with the windows down i’d smell like motorcycle smoke.

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