Q & A- runners version

Over on SCB she completed a Q&A about her running habits. This was fun to read so I thought I’d do the same. Also, I’d love for you to re-post to your blog for me to read! Or comment below with your answers!

1.  What weather do you refuse to run in?

Ice and lightening. I don’t mind the rain, it makes me feel hardcore. 

2.  What distance is your “short” run?

3-4 miles.

3.  How do you stay hydrated while running?  Water fountain, carry your own etc.

I don’t carry anything during my shorter runs (i.e. anything under 8miles), but past 8miles I use my Salomon belt with water and Gatorade + honey stinger gels.. 


4.  Music or no music?

No music necessary on my shorter runs, I like the sound of peaceful nature. Longer runs= music/podcasts are a must

5.  Do you ever run nekkid?  {Without GPS, not literally silly}

Same as SCB…Nope, I am that person.  I have to know my distance and calories.

6.  What is the first thing you do after a run?

Down a glass of chocolate milk.

7.  What’s your favorite running shoe ever?

Well currently  I have had good times with my Saucony Guide 6. I have a soft spot for Brooks…just haven’t bought a pair in a while. 


8.  Do you make deals with yourself to finish a tough run?  What are they?

Always, it usually has something to do with fries, or candy or wine. Pretty much always about food. 

9.  Two things you can not run without besides kicks?

My Suunto watch/HR monitor and sunglasses. 

10.  Running has helped me ___________.

To prove to myself that I am stronger than I think. And it helps me decompress after a stressful day at work.

11.  Are you following a training plan?  If so, what does your weekly routine look like?

Currently, yes. 1/2 marathon. Usually, 2-3 easy runs, a tempo run and a long run (averages 15-20 miles/week)

12.  Be honest, do you regularly stretch + foam roll post run?

6 months ago it would have been a no; now…after finally getting over ITB syndrome, it’s a definite yes.

Thanks for posting SCB.

I’d love to hear YOUR answers! Feel free to re-post and answer or comment below!



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