The best running motivation ever

As I was training for my second 1/2 marathon doing great, enjoying the long runs and consistency; feeling good about getting my weekly mileage back up; reality happened.

Dumb achilles.

Okay, okay. I may be venting a bit of frustration here. But really!? Come on! I have only been injury free for a year (since my ITB injury).

I ignored the nagging for the past month. You know that pain at the back of your heel? The one you think is just from tight calves, (even though you limp getting out of bed). I convinced myself it was fine, just a nagging pain that will go away.

And then I read this “the average achilles injury heals 100% after 7-8 weeks, if it becomes severe, recovery takes 42-160 weeks”. Could you imagine? 160 weeks of no running? Not me. I had to take control before I let pride and stupidity lead me down a path that I did not want to go.

So, no weight bearing activities for at least 2 weeks, ย rehab and RICE of course.

IMG_20140312_201535Anyway, I have realized that injuries are the perfect motivation for running. Sounds contradictory huh? I mean I guess it is, but being injured and not able to run ( even lift weights or do the stair master) for the past 9 days has yet again reminded me how much I love running.

I will listen to my body, take care of it, and ease back into running when I’m ready.

On another note:

I got a free car wash yesterday for answering a survey while pumping gas.

IMG_20140320_154431I also recommend this site for your Friday afternoon laugh.

Screenshot_2014-03-17-10-38-02If you don’t laugh and bookmark this page, don’t blame me you’re not human. (just kidding, but’s hilarious)

I’m also making these tonight. They are so good! Buffalo chicken egg rolls. I’ll recipe blog it later.

IMG_20140315_200702Hot yoga for me in the morning and then CJ and I are off to celebrate some friends getting married!

Enjoy your Friday!



1. Anyone else have Achilles tendinitis? How long did it take you to recover?


5 responses to “The best running motivation ever

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  2. I never thought of it this way, but you are right! Getting injured is the best and sure fire way to be ready to run! Glad you are taking it easy so you can train in earnest again!

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