Monday Favorites

Happy Monday. At least the warm weather is back this week here in Georgia. The high today is 75. Perfection.

I am still not running. Going on week 4. Now that I’m over the victim mentality that overtook me the first two weeks, I have decided to get stronger while I can’t run. I have started lifting seriously. We will see how long it lasts, but it feels good to be sore!

Here are some things I am enjoying

1. Favorite storage: I never know what to do with all my blankets when I’m not using them. I love this idea!

2. Favorite Kitchen: I just love this clean look!

3. Favorite finger food: Enchilada Cheese Rolls. Who doesn’t love gooey cheese coming out of whatever you are about to eat?

4. Favorite sweet bite: Coconut Cream Truffles? Are we for real here?

5. Favorite new subscription: Birchbox. Yes, I finally caved. After months and months of reading others’ posts about them. I decided to try it out. I just got my first box. It was a lot of fun. I think I will like this.


Enjoy your Monday!


Talk to me:

1. Do you get Birchbox or a form of them? Which is your favorite company?


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