What’s not cookin’

Wednesday is usually the day I post whatever new recipe I made this past week (or last week), but honestly, I just made repeats. We were really craving this BBQ chicken pizza so I made that, and then we have been eating out quite a bit. (No complaints here. I love eating out.)

Instead, I thought I’d share all the yummy recipe’s that are sitting in my “to make asap” queue.

1. Buffalo Chicken Empanadas: I’m always hesitant to make something I love so much in restaurants, but this one would be worth a shot…even if it ended in failure.


2. Sweetheart Cherry Pies : besides the fact that they are..cherry pies..they are heart shaped which make them extra necessary to be on the list

3. Zuchini Bites : Since they look like fried pickles…the appropriate assumption is they must taste like them. 😉

4. Bite size apple pies – These look amazing.


5. Peanut Butter Banana Bread: Considering this is full of my favorite things: peanut butter – check, banana – check, bread – check check. Thank you MomOnTimeOut blog.

6. Reese’s bottom cheesecake bites: Let’s not even go there. Just try not to pass out after eating these.

7. Mini Corn Dogs Still on the list. Maybe for a Braves game gathering.

8. And… No bake cookies: In case you haven’t noticed…I have a serious sweet tooth problem.

No Bake Cookies 001

Happy Hump Day



1. What recipe are you dying to make!?



3 responses to “What’s not cookin’

  1. #4 is what I brought to small group one time! I HIGHLY recommend making them (super easy) and then inviting me and the hubs over for a taste-testing =)

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