A Moment of truth

Preface: (warning) this has the potential to be wordy rather than full of pictures.

Why is it that awe inspiring thoughts surface during a run? When you have nothing to jot them down on.

It always happens to me. I’m not complaining, that’s one of the joys and beauties of running. Those spare moments when the world stops long enough for you to evaluate and reflect on where you are in that moment.

Just because…

Needless to say, this is the motivation for this post. As you know I was out of running until about 4 1/2 weeks ago due to my Achilles. At the time of me coming to the realization that I needed to stop running so I could get better, (basically the morning I got out of bed and couldn’t put weight on my right foot), I also stopped blogging. (More HERE)

I felt defeated. I was in the middle of training for my second, yes…only my second, half marathon and just had to stop cold turkey. I wasn’t quite sure how to continue my blog if I couldn’t write about my running. Even though I continued to cross train and weight train to get stronger, I just had no motivation to write about it.

I recently started back up running. I am on week 5 of a run walk 30 mins/3 x week with a rest day in-between program. Mouth full huh? My husband has been encouraging me to pick my blog back up but I would just shrug my shoulders and tell him I think I’m done. “I think I’m over it. Over blogging” I’d say.

What I didn’t say, and couldn’t really admit was that I wasn’t truly “over it”. I missed my blog. But I was afraid.

Afraid to come back months later and explain where I’d been. Afraid to share my run/walking efforts because I was afraid to fail.

I’m still afraid I won’t be able to overcome this injury and get back to where I was.

Well today while I was about 24 minutes into my run I realized that my fear of failure is the result of me comparing myself to where others are in their training or where I “think” I should be. I know I know…we’ve all been there. Right?

Needless to say…I’m done comparing.

compareHappy Monday 🙂



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