A bit of random and the best way to measure cheese

Happy Friday! Normally this is where I calculate and summarize my “fit” habbits for the week. Today is just some randoms though.

First off, CJ and I booked our vacation for our 2 year anniversary! Guess where we are going?

None other than…

Jamaica mon! We can’t get enough.

I have been doing a plank challenge this month. 18 days going strong! This was how long I held it yesterday:


Also, I ran yesterday. The weather has been ideal this week and I really really wanted to run outside but since it was during my lunch break I had to do it quickly on the treadmill at work.


I’m getting there. Still run/walking. Right now I have been doing 3 min walk warm up, 3 min run/1 min walk and cool down. It’s been good, I’m still battling some achilles/heel pain but not enough to stop me.

Raise your hand if you exercise to eat? I loved when I saw this! (so did 1282 other people.)


Lunch yesterday was ballin. Tortilla strips or croutons? Please….I’ll have both.


I figured out the best way to measure cheese on my salad-I buy the cheese sticks and then just cut them into cubes. That way I know for a fact how much cheese I’m eating because if I’m honest, I usually eat salad with my cheese instead of cheese with my salad.


One response to “A bit of random and the best way to measure cheese

  1. I think that’s the worst way to measure cheese… Cheese was never intended to be measured. Just put it on everything and don’t worry about the consequences.

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