What’s on the menu

No new recipe for you today! Sorry! CJ and I have actually been cleaning out the fridge this week. That’s what happens when there are only two of us eating all these meals I make.  Leftovers…it’s what’s for dinner. Growing up my mom called leftovers “mustgo”. Remember that Ma? I think her mom or aunt used to call it that. So when all us kids would ask “what’s for dinner?” She’d say “mustgo”. Get it? Must-GO 🙂 Of course we would all then complain because as a kid who actually enjoys leftovers? I know I didn’t.

I probably wasted so much food as a kid, sorry Ma!


I’m traveling to my hometown this weekend to spend some time with my family. I’m so excited to see them! I’ll make sure to take some pictures to update you on Monday, especially of my adorable nieces!

So what do I crave when I’m back in my hometown?

Well none other than some good ole


Yup. Well..I guess I pretty much just gave away where I’m from.

But it’s on the menu for Friday lunch. I cannot wait. There aint nothin’ like some old Lexington BBQ.

That’s why they have their 31st annual bbq festival this coming October.

I’m also going to get to see one of my best friends in the whole world! I haven’t seen her in over a year and her and her hubby just had a baby so I’ll be quite occupied. (Me and Leigha below)


Happy Hump day!


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