Monday Favorites…fall is in the air

Remember this chart I posted last week? Well  I initially said I was going to do some light cardio that day, but I just didn’t feel well so I decided to just go home. Good thing I did too…I was running a fever. So needless to say I didn’t work out for 4 days. I’m actually still somewhat sick but I’m working out this week.

On to my favs

1. FALLLLLLLLLL: the decor for fall is out at hobby lobby. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed standing in this aisle. Just taking it in.


2. A few fall outfits to go right along with #1



(I need to find this skirt ^^^)

3. Favorite face: Australian sheppard

00e85cf71cca0ec803f33d6a6bdf19a14. Oh look. Another FALL item 😉 but I think I really want to do something like this this year!

5. Favorite dish: One-Pan chicken burrito bowl: I love the one pan/skillet dishes. EASY cleanup

6. Favorite decor: LOVE these for the kitchen

Happy Monday. I WILL be working out today. I don’t think I’m going to do anything too tough. I about passed out doing burpees on Saturday.




2 responses to “Monday Favorites…fall is in the air

  1. EEE fall also means FOOTBALL!! BTW, I did that 8x8x8 workout you posted the other day on Instagram…holy moly! I only made it through 4 rounds before I thought I was going to die (after not working out at all last week), but I’m determined to make it through all 8. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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