Planks and puzzles

I’ve been full on running for 2 weeks! I’ve made it out of the run/walk portion of coming back from my Achilles injury. I’m still only doing 30 minutes at a time (3 days per week) but I’m running the full 30. Slow…and steady, emphasis on the slow. 297ab4a5108c8160f7f4688e27bed4b6


Totally agree. I don’t mind being the slow one 😉

Wednesday I planned to go to my gym and run on the treadmill but then traffic was killer, so I ended up just pulling over and running on the sidewalk. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

It was one of THOSE runs though. Where I felt awesome, light and the run was easy.


It’s always such a fresh reminder of why you love running.

Also, I tried doing this workout Monday… by tried I mean I only got through 5 repeats


It’s killer. Especially the burpees.


Okay and  I did my longest plank to date yesterday:


I promise I’m not lying. Injury prevention = strong core. #workit

And now last but not least…

I finished my 3000 piece puzzle


Now I just need to modgepodge it and we need to find a frame. Most epic puzzle ever.

Happy Friday!! and a high five to all my fellow slow runners out there.


4 responses to “Planks and puzzles

  1. High five!! And I totally tried that 8x8x8 workout…that thing is no joke! I only got through four after an entire week of not working out (dang work travel), but am determined to complete the whole thing without dying =)

    Glad you’re back to running!

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