September Workouts + what I’m currently doing

Another month gone. Just like that.

Honestly, I’m okay with that though. Why? Because October is my favorite month out of the year.

Why I love October:

1. My wedding anniversary is in October

2. My birthday is in October

3. My Husband’s birthday is in October

4. The temps start to drop

5. The. Leaves. 

Those are only the top 5.


Here is a recap of my September workouts.


It may be a little hard to see but I was pretty consistent. I had 22 moves out of 30 days. Not bad.

I don’t want to talk about my running, or lack there of. Let’s just say, I’m taking a break and focusing on other things. (Maybe I’ll rant about that another day)



I have actually been doing a lot of HIIT and strength training which has felt really good.



Towards the end of September I started doing Kayla Itsines bikini body guide workouts (on week 3) and I’m telling you what. They are killer. And I’m only on week 3. I’m really enjoying it though. (side note: I really don’t like the term “bikini body”)

My goal: to get strong and lean. I’m eating clean and working hard 6 days a week. Granted my husband and I are about to leave for Jamaica for our 2 year anniversary so I won’t be eating so “clean” on vacation but I’m okay with that. That’s why there is 52 weeks in a year. 😉

Happy Friday!

Share your favorite clean eating recipe- I’m always looking for fresh ideas!


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