Monday Favorites

CJ and I got back from Jamaica last week. We had such a fabulous trip!!

Just a few shots. I’m not a big picture taker when we go out of the country.

Our view for pretty much everything we did 🙂


IMG_20141014_083422PANO_20141019_124800I can’t believe we have already been married 2 years! What a blast we’ve had!

On to other things I’m loving right now:

1. Pizza Zucchini Bites: A little bit of sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Can’t go wrong there.


2. Favorite closet addition: Love this organizer.

3.  Favorite comfort food: Creamy butternut squash pasta. Two things I love dearly. Butternut squash and pasta.

4. Favorite fashion: LOVE this shirt. Big polka dots are in. So perfect for fall

5. Favorite Jingle. Speaking of fashion, I am so into the layered necklace look. So naturally, I love this one

5f12e8c5cc0697fbbebdc6ee319c9f426. Favorite finger-lickin-good: Buffalo potato wedges. Football season anyone?

7. Classy decor: super clean, simple and soooo pretty. Perfect for the bathroom

08048c9a8f527087e207912f790140e98. Favorite outfit: This is why I love fall. The cute outfits are never ending.

488fd6c6d611f8414ad51620915983939. Slow cook it up: This recipe looks incredible. I’d probably even just eat it without a taco shell. Crockpot Ranch Chicken Tacos

Happy Monday!!

Also…who’s watching the world series?! We are. GO Braves…(oh wait) I mean Royals. 😉


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