October Workout log, a throwback and what I’m making Monday

My posts are becoming more random…and I think I like it.


It hit me that November is almost over. So I thought it might be time to post my October workouts.

October was a good month. Burned a total of 6046 calories and had 22 workouts for the month. I only ran once though. I took a nice long break from running to give my Achilles some time to heal. It was refreshing…focusing on strength workouts all month and cross training.

Here is what it looked like





On another note, my Achilles is actually feeling a lot better. I seem to have woke one morning healed. I’m not sure how that actually happens. It’s like the minute I stopped stressing over it, it got better. I’ve been doing one long run per week this month and keeping my strength/cross training the other days. I’m hoping to run a 10K Thanksgiving morning.

Throwback to that time I ran my first half on Thanksgiving 2013:




Monday we are having an office Thanksgiving pot luck. Boy am I excited. Not only does it mean a lot of standing around and hanging out “The Office” style…but it also means some good food. I’m telling you, my co-workers grew up southernnnn if you know what I mean?! All the goods.

My contribution will be the ultimate party meatballs.

Seriously though, it’s three ingredients and I use my crock-pot. It makes sense.


  • Package of frozen turkey meatballs
  • Can of cranberry sauce
  • Jar of chili sauce

Put everything in crock-pot and cook on high for 4 hours.

Hopefully this won’t happen

Hey, Happy Friday!


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