Simply Me

26 year old foodie, Christian, blogger, coffee addict and amateur chef who loves running and fitness and has a slight obsession with anything sweet. 🙂

photo 2 (1)Hi! My name is Teri. Here is a bit more about me:

Simply me and my weight-loss journey:

I was born in Boston, MA and moved to North Carolina when I was 3. I played sports all my life (basketball and softball). I was never a runner.

But I was overweight growing up. I was a “boredom eater”. I would get home from school and snack until dinner. Then, keeping up with my older brother, I would over indulge in almost every meal I ate. Girls cannot eat like boys. I didn’t understand this when I was 15. I am 5’4″ and I stayed around 155 lbs in high school. (Ah I can’t believe I’m letting the world read that). As you can imagine I really struggled with self confidence. I was the girl with “the pretty face”- we know what that means. (If I find a picture I will put it in here but I think I destroyed those! ha) – Found one….


When things changed:

When I went to college I actually didn’t gain the freshman 15, instead, I lost the freshman 15. I attribute my initial weight loss to a few things: I was walking a lot more at school (around campus) and I started working out. My eating habits didn’t change initially but I wasn’t sitting around quite as much as I was at home.

I majored in sports medicine and took a lot classes that focused on healthy living and exercise. This rocked my world. I took fitness swimming, weight lifting and a conditioning class my second semester. This is when I really dropped the weight. I began making small changes in my eating habits; smaller portions, more veggies and being more aware of the food I was eating. (Ex: I stopped getting a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks and starting getting a vanilla latte instead- and not the venti). The results became addicting.

Introduce: running. I started running January 2009. Yup, my very first run was in the snow. Brilliant. Of course like any beginning runner, I could barely do a mile. I wanted to die. However, I stuck with it. The rest is history.

Now: I have lost a total of 40 pounds since 2008. I now weigh 115 (I do fluctuate between 115-119). I do my best to eat a balanced meal (even though veggies have always been tough for me to incorporate; I’m a carb and fruit girl), work out consistently and indulge in moderation. I am a firm believer that being healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. I still go out to dinner with my husband, enjoy a glass of wine/beer and I still satisfy my sweet tooth.


photo 3

Simply me and the husband:

I met CJ in 2010, moved to the ATL here in Georgia in 2011. We got married October 21st, 2012 and live here in Georgia. We are loving married life and are just taking each day as it comes. He is also my running buddy!

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photo 4Simply “Otherwise Simple”

I started Otherwise Simple in April 2013 as a way to write and share my passion for healthy living and running. My journey has taught me that eating healthy and taking care of my self is extremely gratifying and actually is much more simple than I ever imagined. I want to encourage others to make the small changes in their lifestyle to be healthy, while still enjoying life! “Balance is necessary, consistency is key”


Simply Faith

I became a Christian when I was a child and have continued to walk this journey of life hand in hand with Christ. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice he made for me and will forever seek to serve him with my life.

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