Sweet Potato tator-tots

I’m a simple girl…I love comfort food. Especially when that comfort food is bite size.

Whenever Aldi has a 3lb bag of sweet potatoes for $0.99 I can’t control myself.

I normally make sweet potato fries with everything, but I decided to try something new. Enter: sweet potato tator-tots.



  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • pinch or two of salt


Step 1: Peel and cook your sweet potatoes just so they are fork tender. I microwaved mine for a few minutes.

Step 2: Cut the cooked sweet potatoes into cubes

Step 3: Add all ingredients to a food processor


Step 4: Pulse just enough to break up the sweet potatoes and mix the ingredients. You want it to stay chunky though

Step 4: Spoon/scoop onto a greased foiled baking sheet (the greased part is important-found out the hard way). You can top with some additional Parm if you’d like


Step 5: Bake at 425 deg for 15 min turning at least one time during the 15 min


There you have it. These were really good but there are a few changes I will make next time to better suit my palate:

1. I will use spices like garlic salt and cayenne pepper

2. I will not use Parmesan cheese but maybe a small amount of monetray jack instead

3. I will GREASE the foil so they don’t stick to it and fall apart when I try to serve them.

Happy Wednesday!


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